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Creative Tools

The collection of mySewnet Creative Tools lets you bring your imagination to life. mySewnet Silver and Platinum Subscriptions include everything you need to bring out the creator in you.

on couch using mySewnet Embroidery Software

mySewnet Embroidery Software

Easily create your designs with amazing results. Digitize stitch-by-stitch with three great options: Quick Create, Freehand Create, Precise Create, or use step-by-step help. mySewnet Embroidery Software guides you with the most wizards in the industry including the all new Spiro Design, the incredible embellishment tool for automatic Ribbon Embroidery and more!

Ribbon Embroidery Screenshot

Ribbon Embroidery

With mySewnet Platinum, you can now create your own ribbon embroideries. Combine traditional and brand new designs for a truly original result.

Enhance your design with the Industry's first Ribbon Embellishment Accessory, just draw where you want the ribbon to go or use the extensive gallery of premade shapes and forms.

View PFAFF® Ribbon Embroidery Attachment

View HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Ribbon Embroidery Attachment
Spiro Wizard Screenshot

Spiro Design

One of the 12 wizards that provides step-by-step help is the brand new Spiro Design. Included in mySewnet Platinum, you can enhance your creativity with new geometric designs – perfect for Quilt Patterns!

Experiment with a few simple settings and watch unique and playful embroidery designs appear or let Spiro Design create a random design for you. The possibilities are endless!

Split Project Screenshot

Split Project

This time-saving feature lets you split large designs into multiple, smaller sections. You can specify where to split your design or let mySewnet Embroidery Software automatically do it for you based on the size of your hoop. The split line is saved in your design so you can edit it in the future.

Stitch Editing Screenshot

Stitch Editing

You get the best tools to edit and customize any design to your liking, the perfect complement to digitizing your ideas. Bring your creative endeavors to life.

Digitizing With Three Creative Modes Screenshot

Digitizing With Three Creative Modes

mySewnet Platinum Subscription gives you the best tools tailored for how you like to work. Create your designs in three feature-rich modes: Quick Create, Freehand Create, or Precise Create. Have fun completing your project in less time, or focus on precision details to finish complex designs.

Word Sculpt Screenshot

Word Sculpt

Sculpt lettering to fit the sewing machine outline.

Creative Wizards Screenshot

Creative Wizards

mySewnet Platinum includes 12 Wizards to help jumpstart your creativity. These step-by-step guides allow you to create designs from a picture or drawing and even create a block for your quilting masterpiece.

  • Spiro Design
  • Word Sculpt
  • PhotoStitch
  • Family Tree
  • QuiltBlock
  • ExpressDesign: Embroidery
  • ExpressDesign: Trace
  • ExpressDesign: Border
  • ExpressDesign: Monogram
  • Project-in-the-Hoop
  • ...and more!
Embroidery Filmstrip Screenshot

Embroidery Filmstrip

Embroidery Filmstrip allows you see a birds-eye view of a complete design on your workspace all at once. With this invaluable feature, you can easily preview and manage the stitching order of your designs to ensure the thread and color choices are perfect. This incredible tool is ideal when working on larger projects.

Draw & Paint Screenshot

Draw & Paint - New Improved

The Draw & Paint module was fully redesigned to be more powerful and even easier to use. Create your own original artwork using simple drawing tools or use ExpressDesign Wizards to help design the perfect embroidery.

In addition to all the basic features, such as freehand drawing or painting with a brush, the Draw & Paint module now includes multiply and horizontal/vertical-repeat (increased from 8 to 40 repetitions) to let you easily create beautiful patterns.

mySewnet Cloud App


Access Your Designs From Anywhere.

Save your designs, stitches and project files to a folder on the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. This lets you access your files from different devices anytime creativity inspires you.

With your mySewnet Silver or Platinum subscription, you'll get 100MB of private and secure storage, enough for 1,000's of files. Simply sign-in to your mySewnet Account from your PC or Mac®, smartphone or tablet and even your mySewnet-connected embroidery machine to start using.

Some features require a mySewnet™-connected machine.

mySewnet Library App


Inspiration at Your Fingertips.

Full access to more than 5,500 designs, with new ones added every week. Easily send any design to your embroidery machine or save to your mySewnet Cloud to enjoy later on. You can even open a design in mySewnet Embroidery Software to edit, add text, or combine designs. There's no limit to how many designs you can collect!

Some features require a mySewnet™-connected machine.

mySewnet Project Creator App

mySewnetProject Creator

Create. Share. Inspire.

Turn your favorite sewing projects into step-by-step instructions that can be shared with friends, family or anyone you might want to inspire!

Simply describe each step of your project using images, stitches, embroidery designs, and even videos. Then share a link to your completed project to allow others to follow along and recreate your designs.

Creative Tools Need Creative Designs

Each mySewnet Subscription includes access to these mySewnet Library designs, and more!

Majestic Lion - Ribbon Pattern
Majestic Lion - Ribbon
Christmas Star Pattern
Christmas Star
Thread Velvet and Yarn Couching Floral Circle Pattern
Thread Velvet and Yarn Couching Floral Circle
Floral Monogram A Pattern
Floral Monogram A

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mySewnet Connected Smartphone Apps

Expand your creativity beyond your machine

(Apps require PFAFF®, HUSQVARNA® VIKING® or SINGER® wifi-connected equipment.)

Project Monitor and Placement

No need to babysit your embroidery machine. The Project Monitor app displays information about your current project including when you need to change threads, when the bobbin thread is low, the current stitch and the time until the next stop. It will even notify you if the machine has stopped and once the embroidery is finished.

The Design Placement app helps you position your embroidery design exactly where you want it. Simply take a photo of your hooped fabric with the app, send it to your machine and use it as a background image to position the design.

pFAFF® SewNotice Icon
PFAFF® SewNotice
HUSQVARNA® VIKING® mySewMonitor Icon

Project Assistants

View step-by-step sewing instructions and tutorials from the comfort of your sofa, cutting table, ironing board, or even while shopping!

Start by browsing through the sewing instructions and tutorials featured within the app or on your mySewnet-connected embroidery machine. Once you've selected something new to create, stitches and embroidery designs are loaded from the app to your machine. Then follow the step-by-step sewing instructions provided within the app and on your machine.

Each step syncs automatically between the app and your sewing machine through your mySewnet Account allowing you to follow instructions without missing a beat. You'll be creating your next masterpiece in no time!

PFAFF® CreatorCue Icon
PFAFF® CreatorCue
HUSQVARNA® VIKING® JoyOS Advisor™ Get for Android Get for iOS

Use this app to take a photo of anything that inspires you and it will automatically turn it into an embroidery design.

Get creative by choosing fun and exciting filters for different sizes and effects once the design is generated. Save the design to your mySewnet Cloud drive and it will be synchronized to your machine. Now you’re ready to start!

PFAFF® ImageStitch Icon
PFAFF® ImageStitch Get for Android Get for iOS
HUSQVARNA® VIKING® QuickDesign Get for Android Get for iOS

Get Started With SINGER®

Not sure where to begin creating exciting projects? The Singer Sewing Advisor contains sewing tutorials for your specific sewing machine! Each lesson has step-by-step instructions and animations to follow along – it's never been easier!

Getting Started

Learn how to use your SINGER® sewing machine and perform different tasks including:

  • Setting up to sew including threading the machine, bobbin winding and changing needles
  • Selecting stitches, adjusting length, width and tension
  • Troubleshooting
Setup and Techniques

Choose from several fabric types and the most common sewing techniques for perfect results.

  • Learn how to set up and use specific sewing techniques with step-by-step guides
  • Built‐in stitches available on your machine and what they are suitable for
  • Included presser feet, accessories and what they can be used for
Singer® Sewing Assistant Icon
Singer® Sewing Assistant Get for Android Get for iOS